What You Misheard about the Print-on-demand System

People can be good in storytelling that sometimes, even if what they heard is just a fraction of something, they try to create the ending with their own imagination. At times they are right but most of the time, they are wrong.

Like for example when it comes to digital printing, we all know that the book industry is welcoming this method with open arms. However, with the advent of print on demand or POD, there are a lot of rumors circulating around.

Some of them have basis while the others are simply rumors. Check below about some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to POD:

Most of the independent bookstores actually don’t cater POD authors

This is not entirely true as though there are indeed stores that cater more with authors who can offer them with books on the shelf, they still acknowledge the fact that the POD system is also a good move.

They say that distributors don’t cater POD authors

Again this is not entirely true as though of course, distributors prefer to deal with a publisher who caters a variety of titles, they don’t entirely exclude POD authors. But that will depend if their customers will request for the said book. Besides, that is also the concept of the said system so it is just expected.

According to some people, POD books are of less quality

This is where they are completely true as if there are POD books with less quality, the same chance also goes to the mass printed books. It means they have the dame chances. However, if you give this a deep thought, you can say that when it comes to the process of printing, there is better chance that a POD book will be carefully done.

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