How to maintain a bench top drill press

A bench top drill press is a tool designed to drill precise holes into various types of materials. These materials include plywood, metal, plastic, softwoods, hardwoods and other manufactured wood products. Bench top drill presses offer the advantage over power drills or cordless drills in such a way that it provides a steady platform to support drilling. With this being said, issues such as a poorly aligned drill press will affect the performance of the drill press as well as the product.

Maintaining a bench top drill press is not an easy task. It requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of a drill press. Before purchasing a drill press and additional accessories, bench drill press reviews can be used as a guide for consumers to follow when considering different models of drills. Firstly, base positioning is an important aspect of maintaining a bench top drill press. It is important to ensure the drill press stand resides on a secure foundation. The floor or table which supports where the base is positioned should be able to support the weight of the drill press as well as any works that are placed onto it. Mounting is a popular solution among users whereby the base of the drill press is mounted on the wall or floor to ensure that the unit is safe from tipping over.

Although drill presses are heavy, the weight is concentrated on the top portion of the drill press. This creates a risk of knocking the unit over given sufficient lateral pressure is supplied. An anchor with washers or a stout lag bolt can also be employed to keep the unit secured. Nextly, the motor mount should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure the drill press performs optimally. Furthermore, users who wish to maintain drill presses should make cleaning and adjusting the pinion and rack gears a regular practice.