Great Places to Hide Your Spare Keys

It’s always good to have already prepared an extra key just in case you’ve forgotten the original locked in your home. If you don’t have a spare key already, you can find easily find a key duplication service in a hardware store. Once you have a spare key, where do you hide it? While it may be a good idea to hide it under a doormat or inside a potted plant, but these are places are common areas to hide which makes it easy for thieves to enter your home without a struggle. Instead of the regular throw under the doormat or under a fake rock, there are many other creative ways you can try that can get anyone, except yourself, a hard time trying to find your extra key.

One of the many brilliant ways you can utilize your car license plate is by hiding your spare key behind it. If your key already has a hole wide enough to fit the car plate screw, you can unscrew your car plate, place the key behind it, and then screw it back on. Make sure that the screw is tightly secured to prevent the key from falling off as you drive.

Also, if your housing compound has a lot of trees, you can nail your key onto a tree that is farthest from your house and nail the key at a height that is high enough for you to reach. Hiding your keys in trees definitely sounds like a strange idea, but that’s what makes it the last place for thieves to search for.

Other ways such as hiding your keys in a fake sprinkler, behind a door knocker, or to take a step further, under fake animal droppings are better places to hide your keys instead of the regular fake rock trick. The more creative you are, the more effective your safety methods would be.